Never Give Up: And Other Things My Father Taught Me


Today is my dad Philip Curran 's 70th birthday. Last week all 8 of his kids Coleen Gillotti, Tara Curran, Dawn Curran, Maureen Curran Gilmartin,Eileen Curran, Margie Curran Heron, Suzy Curran Fitzpatrick) and loads of grandchildren (including Kevin Gillotti, Molly Rose Gillotti, Kiely Curran), family and friends (Frank Curran, Linda Curran, Sherry Morris, and Gregory Brandis) surprised him in Connecticut.

Some of us flew in and hid out and had a blast reminiscing and getting ready for the big reveal.

He was, without a doubt, surprised and blown away when he walked in to see all of us together for the first time in a long time. It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life to witness him surrounded by all the people who love him most.

70 Things We Love About Boppy
70 Things We Love About Boppy

During the party, we paid tribute to what an inspiration he is and what a great man we have all been blessed to know. We read aloud the 70 Things We Love About You--which were written by all of his children and grandchildren and compiled by my sister, Eileen.

There wasn't enough time for each of us to give a long speech or for each of us to tell him how much he means to us. So I wanted to write a blog today about all the ways he helped me, and then I remembered I wrote one a long time ago. And it is still true today. Some of the most amazing gifts my father gave me were traits he possessed himself, namely his work ethic, his patience, and his fortitude during difficult times. He taught us all to never give up and as I say in the radio broadcast below:

"Without a speech, my father lived the lesson he was trying to teach me for so long. He really didn’t ever give up—even on me."

I am so grateful for all that he has shown and taught me--and that you never gave up on your not-so-Mary-had-a-little-lamb, more black-sheep-Mary-Mary-Quite-Contrary. Here's to you, Phil Curran. Happy birthday.

You're all the proof I need.

Here's the radio address played on NPR in honor of my father.