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Joseph Moss Photography

Joseph Moss Photography

I write books, blogs, articles, essays, and lists--lots of lists. Speaking of lists, here's a brief one of all the things I love: my family, my friends, travel, photography, tea, the beach, and books--lots and lots of books. I believe unabashedly in spreading the light. There is enough darkness in the world, in our minds, and in our hearts. Everything I write, say, and do is to spread a little light in what can sometimes be a lonely world. I want to give hope to the hopeless, love to those who feel abandoned, faith to those who are suffering, acceptance to those who feel judged, and a place to call home to those who are lost, wandering, and searching for a little proof. If you're looking for any of those things: Welcome home.  You're among angels now.



If you love to read about people who don't have it "all figured" out and who are always looking for signs and proof that there is something bigger out there, then you'll love my books Proof of Angels and Proof of Heaven



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