A New Home for MaryCurranHackett.com

Light Welcome to the new home of MaryCurranHackett.com!

Today is my first official day posting to the new website. (I hope you like it. I did it all on my own. Yes, I can hardly believe it myself.) The years since I wrote my first book and launched my first website have been life-changing, and so I thought it only appropriate I change things up a bit here as well.

And now for my true confession:  While I typically write every day, it is atypical for me to do it in such a public forum (Facebook/Twitter notwithstanding). And I am scared to death to do it. What if no one reads it? What if everyone I know reads it? What if I say something I'll regret (Not impossible...)? What if it interferes with my other writing? My parenting? My life?  What if I fail? 

So here goes nothing. My blog. I know it won't be completely unlike the times  I begin to write a novel or  attempt to build a website or try out a new camera. It will be ugly at first. F-bombs will drop. Tea will be sipped in mass quantities. I will sit up at night obsessing over just the right angle, the right word choice, the right picture. And most of the time I will have no idea what I am doing. But, like all those other things I seem to figure out eventually, I know that I will only know how to do it, if I just start. And the best time and place to begin is right here and right now. No safety net. No operating manual. No outline. No end destination in mind. Just me. A keyboard. An idea or two. And place to share them.

Here goes nothing.